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At Half the distance from both the coast of Yemen and Somalia, Socotra detached itself from the continent 250 million years ago, provoking a secluded flora and a unique fauna, which disappeared a while ago from the rest of the earth. More than a third of the 889 plant species in Socotra are only present on this island, like the blood dragon tree. Long inaccessible, Socotra naturally stays protected.

To make you discover this island at the end of

the world and actively participate in its protection, Arabian Horizons has chosen to collaborate with SCDP (Socotra Archipelago Conservation and Development Program).

This organization is loyal to developing ecotourism, by empowering the local population for a long term development, by respecting its unique character in the world.

With the help of specialized camping grounds in protected areas, one can discover the wildest parts of the island.

The particular climate of Socotra only permits the planning of tours between December and April. Outside this period, the island is subject to the windy season (May to September) and a rainy season (October to December).

ISTANBUL (7 Nights)
DAY 1- ISTANBUL Arrive in Istanbul (any
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Getting to Yemen
AirportsVisitors may enter Yemen via any one of its international airports in Sana'a, Aden, or Taiz
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